Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being trecked by dad and Tim

When Dad,Mom, Tim, Cole and Emma and I where at the move Theater one day. I was watching the move when dad tolled Tim to tell me to put my set bell on, so I did and then I see that I was not in a car. Its sad that I felt for what dad had said.

Sarah Is Smart and Dad is a Party Animal

I will never forget the New Year's Eve that we played Cranium.
Sarah proved that she's more intelligent than any of us. She was the only one who could unscramble some of the words and figure out the word/math puzzles.
Dad got the "Cocktail Waitress" charades card. It was a beautiful thing. I don't think I can even move my hips like that. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Mom had just gotten back from the grocery store and started bringing in all of the groceries from the car. She wasn't having the greatest day, so Sarah and I put the groceries away for her...mistake #1.

Mom went out of the house to get more of the groceries from the car as Sarah and I kept putting the groceries away. I decided to put the milk away...mistake #2.

As I was on the way to refrigerator, the milk all of the sudden slipped right out of my hands and landed splat on the ground immediately popping the cap of the jug right off. This was the moment in time that made me realize that if there ever was an emergency Sarah and I were definitely not the people to call, because apparently when something bad happens, all we do is just freeze.

Yes. We just sat there and watched the milk pour out.


After all of the milk jug was completely empty, both Sarah and I look up and stare at each other with our eyes bigger than saucers and our mouths in a tiny o-shape.

*Awkward silence*

Sarah: "...you have a milk on your face."
Me: "I do?"

After that 15 second conversation, we both burst in to laughter realizing how awkward that was.

Of course right when we start laughing, mom comes into the kitchen.

All she sees is a gallon of milk spread across the kitchen floor and two teenagers laughing.

At least we weren't yelling...?


Sarah threw poop in my face. I got in trouble.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh What A Life We Lead

So we all have read the extremely biased book on the history of the Johnson side of our family. Well, this blog was inspired by that book, hence the title "Oh What A Life We Lead". 
I want us to record any memorable story the we can share together. I want us to record any family inside jokes, any funny stories, any...anything to record our awesome and different personalities that we all have to put up with. ;)

We may not be close physically, but we're all close in the loving family type of way. I hope that, even though we're all far apart, this blog will help us grow closer together.