Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Country Goes To City

This blog has been too quiet for too long so on its almost anniversary I'm going to try to resurrect it. So I think the best way to do that is to write about the most important person in my life for the last 30 years. 

In March of 1981 I had been home off my mission for about 1 year when my brother Scott convinced me to go to a dance in Atlanta.  The dance was to be a country western dance.  At the time I was in school & had no spare money so I wore my blue jeans and a white button up shirt.  I may have even had my dad's cowboy boots on.  No.  That couldn't be. 

We hitch up the wagon probably to the pinto and left the 12 foot wide trailer home where I shared a room with 2 brothers. That's another story.  remind me to tell it later.  So we left the 147acre farm in Center, Georgia and headed west to the city of skyscrapers & shopping malls, Atlanta.  (Not that I have ever been to an Atlanta shopping mall.)

Little did I know the most wonderful lady in the world in Auburn, Alabama was preparing to take the 3 hour trek to the same activity.  She dawned a beautiful purple(ish) and off white dress with high heals.  Her hair was nothing short of perfect: short and dark.  It curled in slightly at  jaw level.  He make up was was perfect.  She came with her boy friend & I think they were riding in a Rolls Royce. 

I arrive at the dance and we discover that the dance is a mixture of country western, formal, casual, and who knows what else.  I wasn't really in the mode to have a good time but, Scott's fiance Debbie brought the most beautiful girl I had ever met to meet me.  I would never have approached anyone so beautiful so when she began to sing, i mean talk, I was pretty much dumb founded.  The fact that I was in blue jeans and a white button up shirt didn't help my confidence.  Debbie convinced us to dance and we walked out onto the dance floor.  As we danced I'm sure I probably talked about myself & my family most of the night.  In an awkward attempt to pay her a compliment, I told Doll that she was amazing and proceeded to explain that I had never associated with the beauties who were in the sororities.  She thought for a moment while I continued to jabber and dig my hole as deep as I was going to.  When she finally spoke, she told me she was in a sorority.  Back peddle. I think I was considerably more quiet the rest of the night. 

She was an amazing dancer and we enjoyed the dance so much, that I don't remember much of anything else that went on that night at the dance.  However, as part of the tradition, I need to point out that that same evening, one of Scott's former missionary companions drove 8 hours to meet Doll.  Since Doll & I danced the whole evening, he didn't have a chance & left for home with his tail between his legs.

I walked her to her car (the Rolls Royce) with her now ex-boyfriend now chauffeur.  She agreed to come visit me at the farm and meet my family.  It was a beginning and I thought she was nothing short of amazing. 

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