Friday, November 25, 2011

Matching is Only For Socks and Family Pictures...and High School

Sarah spent her senior year of high school with me during my Freshman year. The school was a new experience for both of us.
You could definitely say that going to high school with your oldest sibling has it's perks. For instance, I got to share a locker with my older the Senior hallway. I also got to brag about how cool she was to my friends.
"I like your shoes!"
"I love Vans. You know who else loves Vans? My sister. She works there."
"I--I'm not wearing Vans."
" sister probably is. She works there."

"Wow, nice haircut!"
"My sister just got her haircut... Toni & Guy...
...for free
...she's a hair model...
...for them...
...and by "them" I mean Toni & Guy."
"Oh at the one in the Mission Viejo Mall?"
"Nope, the one at Fashion Island."

Despite the great perks that came along with going to school with an older sibling, there always comes...well....not perks, which is why I'm writing this post today.

The biggest disadvantage of going to high school with an older sibling is not that they can easily reveal that you still sleep with your Care Bear blanket whilst sucking your thumb, nor is it that they can convince you to leave seminary early and go to Paradise Bakery for muffins (it was only once, okay?!).
No, the biggest disadvantage to going to school with an older sibling is that there is always a slight chance that your clothes might match the other's.

"No big deal! You went to high school with your older sister, you can't match your sister! Right?" WRONG.

We didn't match every once and a while. We matched We wouldn't find out that we matched each other utnil we got to seminary because I was a little enthusiastic about seminary, so I'd wait for Sarah in the car- dad in the driver's seat, me in the passenger seat. It got a little ridiculous as time went on. It got to the point where I would wear a green shirt and plaid shorts. What was Sarah wearing? The girl version. Green shirt and a plaid skirt.

We always talked about how much we hated how we did this all the time while in seminary, but I secretly liked it.

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