Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Holiday and Foreign Traditions

By the time Kristin was just starting to form complete sentences in English and understand what was being said to her in English, a joke was born.

As dad, Cassidy, Kristin, and I sat at the table eating dinner, every small bottle of Gatorade for each person was open, except Kristin's. She hadn't opened her's yet.
Thank goodness Kristin didn't open her bottle of Gatorade! It was "National No Drink Night". My goodness, were we all embarrassed (except Kristin of course) that we had forgotten about this national holiday! It was too late though. The bottles were already open (except Kristin's of course), so sadly we had to drink the rest of our drinks.
Don't worry, we didn't leave Kristin out of the dark. What kind of family do you think we are? Right before she opened her bottle of Gatorade, I stopped her immediately, for I had JUST remembered of this vital holiday to the history of this amazing country. I told her all about this holiday, while Cassidy and dad piped in as well adding the facts and traditions that I had accidentally left out.
I'm sure you all know of this holiday, but for those who are still feeling in the dark (might I add that you should feel ashamed and little embarrassed) I will enlighten you.
National No Drink Night is simple. You don't drink anything during or after dinner. Duh.

After Kristin's gain of knowledge of such importance, and our explanation as to why we have to keep drinking our drinks (we had already opened them prior to me remembering about the holiday), she exclaims, "Wow. I'm so glad that I didn't open my drink! That was a close one!" She proceeds to put her drink that she had almost opened down, and continues eating, not so sure how she feels about this foreign holiday's traditions that she now feels obligated to follow.

I'm not sure when we decided to tell her that it was all a joke, or even if we did tell her that it was a joke. Now that I think of it, I do catch her politely refuse her routine water at dinner every year around the same time of year we told her about this country's most exciting and vital holiday.

Happy Early National No Drink Night. I hope you have a good one.

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